Cooking Classes

Cooking ClassOur cooking classes offer the chance to spend a Sunday evening in Vail Village to learn cooking techniques and pairing of fine wines.

You will experience the cooking classes in an absolutely charming and relaxed location, in the heart of Vail where you can enjoy nature and the local food. We offer a full immersion in a school where you can really enjoy the art of cooking.

Each lesson takes about 4 hours, food standards and preparation of ingredients and dishes. Classes are held in English and are exclusively made by appointment only. Participants can make dishes and learn about accompanying wines; aprons and equipment for making food will be given. Eventually the dishes will be served with accompanying wines to fully cooked dishes.

The school of creative Mediterranean cuisine is an idea based on a mix of lessons and excursions. Each lesson (theory and practice) takes place in the kitchen and in the hall of the restaurant. Classes last four hours (three hours are managed by a chef and a wine expert). At the end of each lesson, participants will be able to cook a meal (appetizer, first course, main course and dessert) and choose the french wine to match. The school can be customized according to the needs of the customer.