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Les Cocktails

Kir Royale
Henriot Blancs de Blancs, Créme de Cassis Bourgogne $20
Corpse Reviver
Bombay Saphire, cointreau, lillet blanc, absinthe, lemon juice, cherry garnish $17
The Ford
Bombay Sapphire, dry French vermouth,
benedictine, orange bitters, orange twist $16
The Original Manhattan
Woodford Reserve, sweet vermouth, dash
bitters, Luxardo maraschino cherry $17
Quiet Storm
Makers Mark, Aphrodite bitters, orange bitters,
vermouth, ginger beer, lemon juice,
simple syrup $16
Rive Gauche Martini
Special Grey Goose martini with Roquefort
stuffed olives & caper berries $17
The Harpoon
Ketel One, pomegranate liqueur, lime juice,
cranberry juice $16
Patron tequila, grapefruit juice, sprite, soda
water, salted rim $16
Mexican Martin
Herradura Anejo, Saint Germain, agave nectar
and fresh lime juice $17
Negroni Blanc
Bombay Dry Gin, Suze, Bianco Vermouth,
Lemon twist $16


Pour commencer…

Shot o’ Bisque
Homemade lobster bisque served in an espresso cup $5

Tapenade d’Olives
Noires Niçoise etcroutons $5

Shrimp Skewer
Served with Cocktail Sauces $9
Filet Sliders
3 Beef filet sliders served on homemade buns with Béarnaise $11
Charcuteries et Fromages
Saucisson, Proscuitto, Paté, Cheese, Condiments and Toasts $18
Escargots à la Bourguignonne
Escargots, baked with butter, garlic & parsley $18
Tartare de Boeuf
Hand chopped filet, mixed with onions, capers, cornichons & anchovies, seasoned to order $12
Foie Gras 
Fresh homemade duck liver pâté seasoned with sauternes served with green apple aspic and grilled bread $15

…Quelques douceurs

Chocolate Soufflè
Valrhona chocolate soufflè served with vanilla cream anglaise $14
Crème Brulée
French vanilla custard topped with torch blown caramelized sugar $12
Crêpes Suzette
Two crêpes stuffed with orange caramel sauce and flambéed tableside $14

Special Requests

We take pride in accommodating special requests, if possible. Please inform us if you are a Vegetarian or Vegan, or you have any Dietary restrictions or Allergies.